The focal point of this site lies on the original Star Trek series. It is my aim to collect information that cannot be found frequently elsewhere - that would be prior my opinion. :-)

To make putting new contents on the website easier, I made the decision to "invent" a few more sections and to delete the "Miscellaneous" area. I've put the contents of that section where it hopefully fits better. The new areas are partly still empty but I hope to change that soon.

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One last comment on the English version: Please note that English is not my native language. That's why mistakes are inevitable, so please leave a message if you find one.

Special Thanks to Madlyn Cardwell for proof reading!

Thank you and have fun!

Star Trek  - Die Crew

Last Update:
February 11st, 2012

The last changes concern mainly updating the link list and after a mail I've learned that for some years now there are indeed rules for 3D chess. The game and links are introduced in the merchandise area. In addition, I've opened the guestbook again.

Have fun and keep on trekking!