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It's not hard to notice that I am a Star Trek. Being a fan changed over the years but Star Trek has remained an important part of my life since my early childhood. Apart from the original series I have seen (almost) everything else with a Star Trek label on it. Many of it is not bad, some of the newer productions are pretty good in fact. Special to me is the original series of the 60th only, however. Therefore, this homepage exists since 2003 and although I don't have as much time for updates and stories as I used to have, I have every intention to update at least a few times each year.

I am especially interested in the English/American fanfiction (not Slash though) since I love many of the "old" fanzines published in the 70th, 80th and 90th. I'd love to make some of the old zines (e.g. Lone Star Trek, Vault of Tomorrow, Mind Meld and many more) available as PDF files here for free but I won't do it without an explicit permission. I respect t he work and rights of those who put so much effort and time in creating those zines. By now, I have a pretty large fanzine collection and scanning an entire zine is time-consuming but I think that preserving those zines is worth the effort and I could do it. So if you are en editor of one of the zines named above or have contact to the publishers or their heirs, please contact me if you are interested in seeing your work here. All I need is your (written) permission to precede, nothing more.

Of course, I am also interested in receiving comments, criticism and hints by everyone else, so don't hesitate to contact me regarding this site or TOS in general.

Live Long and Prosper!

Zelda Scott, February 2012

Remarks concerning the English Version

As you may have noticed the main version of this site is the German one. Since German is my native language it is likely that all contents will appear there first until I have the time to translate it. It is my aim to create two equal versions. However, that will not be entirely possible since some source material is German only and that's why it simply doesn't make sense to present it in the English version (e.g. links to German only sites).

I intend to add more and more material as time goes by and I welcome third-party-materials (stories, articles and so on) since the author has no objections. Just send a mail to

Legal Remarks

Finally it's the place for some legal comments. At first I checked the contents carefully; I built the site for my private pleasure only, no money-making is involved. All texts are written by me when I didn't mark them otherwise. Concerning the pictures I also tried to name the source but that is not always possible. If someone notices a copyright infringement, so this is not intended. Please inform me in this case I will remove any illegal content immediately.