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The "Star Trek Tapes" include interviews and live recordings of the actors originating in the year 1978. A speaker leads through the production and gives some short (biographic) background information and then hand over to the next star.

Most were talking about the meaning of Star Trek, what it represents and why it was so successful - a subject which is still equally popular.

Nichelle Nichols started Shatner, McCoy, Koenig, Doohan, Nimoy and Takei followed.

Star Trek Tapes

Walter Koenig appeared to be a bit embittered and spiritless. So he answers the question why he went to the convention at all lapidary that he was invited. In addition he mentioned that he is usually treated better in the frame of a convention than out there. All in all he is the only one not being enthusiastic about "Star Trek".

Besides "Chekov" the part of Leonard Nimoy is interesting since Nimoy deals with his role as Spock. However, he also covers the spectrum between the current (political) situation of that time and the vision of Star Trek. His speech, which often referred to his book "I am not Spock" (which was not yet released that time) is a real highlight. Half joking, half serious he describes what it means being Spock, e.g. when it comes to autographs - in that case "Spock" has indeed the advantage since five letters are faster written than twelve.

Shatner tries to be as funny as possible but he is nevertheless casual and congenial while DeForest Kelley referrers once to the first movie.

Besides of the stars some convention visitors were interviewed. From the today's point of view the negative answer of a science fiction fan is quaint regarding the question whether Star Trek has a future or not. More than two decades has past since the convention and despite of some weaknesses it wouldn't occur to anybody to describe Star Trek as dead even if the direction has changed and now a different audience has come into focus.

The "Star Trek Tapes" themselves are an interesting mirror of their time, the way they are made is a real child of it's time. The quality of the audio tracks is partly bad till barely audible since the recordings obviously originate in a vinyl album. The statements of the actors aren't (mostly) that surprising of course since they are well known for year or sugar-coated. So Scotty of all people claimed that all had been like a "great happy family", something, that can not be entirely true since there are plenty of different statements.

All in all the tapes are something for real fans, nothing to hear daily but an homage to a great series and therefore a real article of virtue.