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This area is still under construction. Objective is the collection of all the (fictive) biographies of the TOS characters starting with the bridge crew but also including the other crew members based on the information given in the episodes and movies.

Each entry to a character is incomplete until it is marked otherwise!

The source of the information is given in parentheses.

Captain James T. Kirk

Information given in TOS:

  • Service Number: SC 937-0176 CEC ("Court Martial")
  • As a teenager Kirk is on the colony Tarsus IV when Governor Kodos ordered to murder half of the population to reduce the consequences of a dearth. Apart form Lieutenant Kevin Riley Kirk is one of only nine eye witnesses that are able to identify Kodos. Twenty years later, when both Riley and Kirk are serving aboard the Enterprise, they are the last living witnesses to unmask the actor Anthon Caridian as Kodos. ("The Conscience of the King")
  • Kirk has an older brother, George Samuel Kirk. He is called Sam by Kirk only and lived on Deneva. He died shortly before a mission brought the Enterprise to Deneva at stardate 3287.2
    ("What Are Little Girls Made of?" and "Operation -- Annihilate!")
  • Kirk's sister-in-law and wife of his brother George Samuel Kirk is named Aurelan. She also dies in the course of events described in "Operation -- Annihilate!"
  • Kirk's brother Sam has three sons. ("What Are Little Girls Made of?")
  • One of Sam Kirk's sons is named Peter and was living with his parents on Deneva until he was orphaned. ("Operation -- Annihilate!"
  • At stardate 3478.2 Kirk is 34 years old. ("The Deadly Years")
  • Kirk is able to take over the duties of a navigator. ("Where No Man Has Gone Before")
  • Kirk was close friends with Gary Mitchell until the Mitchell died. Both had known each other for 15 years and Michell had saved Kirk's life once. At the academy, Gary acquainted Kirk with a blond laboratory technician which Kirk had almost married. The whole maneuver was meant as a "diversion" by Gary to occupy Kirk otherwise. Kirk had taught at the academy back then. ("Where No Man Has Gone Before")
  • In this leisure time, Kirk is playing 3D chess with Spock. Although Spock is a chess master, Kirk is able to keep up with his first officer. ("Where No Man Has Gone Before", "Charlie X")
  • In Kirk's quaters, there are real books. ("Charlie X")
  • Kirk is skilled in martial arts ("Charlie X").
  • Kirk declares in "Is There in Truths No Beauty?" that the Botanic Lab is his favorite place aboard the Enterprise. It is unclear whether that statement was meant truthfully, though.
  • A man named Mallory helped Kirk to get at the academy. Later, Mallory's son belongs as a security guard to Kirk's crew but that son dies under Kirk's command. During the same mission another "redshirt" (Kaplan) died wherby Kirk new his family. ("The Apple")
  • Kirk likes Saurian Brandy (among others "The Enemy Within")

[to be continued]

Commander Spock

Information given in TOS:

  • In the middle of the second season resp. at the beginning of the thrist Spock is in Starfleet for 18 years. ("Journey to Babel" and "The Enterprise Incident")
  • Spock is the only legitimate child of the human woman Amanda Grayson and the Vulcan Sarek. Sarek is ambassador but he quits because of his health at first in the young age of 102.437 years. He returns for the Babel conference, though. At this time, Spock and his father hadn't been on speaking terms for 18 years because Spock had chosen a Starfleet career instead of joining the Vulcan academy of science as Sarek had wished back then. That's why Spock hadn't seen his parents for four years. ("Journey to Babel")
  • As a child Spock had a "sehlat", a kind of "fat teddy bear" - a living pet with 6 inch fangs. ("Journey to Babel")
  • At the age of five, Spock was tormented because of his human heritage by the other Vulcan children. ("Journey to Babel")
  • Spock's blood type is "T negative", a pretty rare blood type even for Vulcans. Spock's blood contains also human factors, though. ("Journey to Babel")
  • Spock's mother is a teacher
    ("This Side of Paradise")
  • Six years prior to the events described in "This Side of Paradise" the botanist Leila Kalomi was in love with Spock but according to his Vulcan nature he was not able to return her feelings. That changes in the scope of the episode for a short period under the influence of mind-altering spores.
  • Spock holds a A7 computer expert classification, one of the highest levels possible. ("The Ultimate Computer")
  • Spock is a skilled musician. In his leisure time, he accompanies among other things Uhura who sings with a Vulcan lyre. He accepts gentle teasing in the process. ("Charlie X")
  • Spock is a 3D chess master ("Charlie X"). He often plays with Kirk ("Where No Man Has Gone Before")
  • Physically, Spock is superior to humans regarding strength and resistibility. (u.a. "The Apple", "Return to Tomorrow")
  • Spock saves Kirk's life at least once. ("The Apple")
  • Starfleet invested in Spock's education approximately the sum of 122,220 credits. ("The Apple")
  • Spock has no desire of a command of his own. ("The Enterprise Incident")
  • Spock is capable of lying, contradicting the myths that Vulcans can not lie. ("The Enterprise Incident")
  • Spock serves under Kirk's predecessor Captain Pike for 11 years, 4 months and 5 days ("The Menagerie - Part I/Part II"). On Talos IV, 13 years prior to the events of the episode, Spock laughs openly.

[to be continued]

Lieutenant Commander McCoy

Information given in TOS:

  • McCoy is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of the Enterprise (almost all episodes).
    Although it is not explicitly mentioned, it can be guessed that he is the successor of Dr. Mark Piper that can be seen instead of McCoy in the Star Trek pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before".
  • McCoy has a security clearance for all areas of the ship. It can be supposed that this is unusual for a CMO ("The Ultimate Computer")

[to be continued]

Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott

Information given in TOS:

[to be continued]

Lieutenant Uhura

Information given in TOS:

[to be continued]

Lieutenant sulu

Information given in TOS:

[to be continued]

Ensign Chekov

  • Starting with the second season which corresponds roughly with the second year of the first five-year-mission Chekov serves on Enterprise bridge, mainly as navigator. He must have been aboard longer since Khan can remember seeing Chekov on the Enterprise before in "Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan"
  • Chekov is aged 22 at stardate 3468.1 ("Who Mourns for Adonais?")
  • In Spock's absence Chekov takes over the science station on the bridge ("Journey to Babel")
  • Every now and then Ensign Chekov gets the con by Kirk ("Journey to Babel")
  • Chekov uses every opportunity to claim discoveries for his homeland Russia ("The Apple")
  • Chekov had, at least temporarily, an affair with Yeoman Martha Landon. ("The Apple")
  • Apart from the first season without Chekov he is missing in the following episodes:

[to be continued]

Nurse Christine Chapel

Information given in TOS:

[to be continued]

Further crewmembers of the Enterprise

sorted alphabetically

  • Ensign Carstairs

    Geologist aboard the Enterprise on his first mission - he is chosen for landing party duty by M5 because he served on trade freighters and visited the planet Alpha Carinae II with a mining company ("The Ultimate Computer")

  • Lieutenant Carlisle

    Security ("The Changeling")

  • Dr. Elisabeth Dehner

    Dr. Dehner worked for Mark Piper as physiologist aboard the Enterprise. It was her task to analyse the crew reaction to dangerous situations. Like Gary Mitchell her ESP value was very high, meaning a gift for extra sensual perception. That became the doom for both of them and Elisabeth Dehner got killed by Gary Mitchell. In the log both are listed as "killed in the line of duty".
    Dr. Dehner's file states that she was born at stardate 1089.5 in "City of Delman" as the daughter of Gerald Dehner. ("Where No Man Has Gone Before")

  • DeSalle

    Navigator with French ancestors ("The Squire of Gothos")

  • James

    Officer (male) working on the bridge. ("The Enemy Within")

  • Fisher

    Geological Technician (male); Fisher was slightly injured during a mission on Alpha 177, later he was beaten by Kirk after the captain was devided into a "good" and an "evil" part and the evil Kirk had tried to violate Janice Rand ("The Enemy Within"). An identical looking geologist serves on the Enterprise under the command of Captain Pike 12 years before so it is possible/likely (but not confirmed) that Fisher is a longterm crewmember ("The Cage").

  • Lieutenant Hansen

    Bridge officer who is temporarily in command of the Enterprise in "The Menagerie - Part I/Part II"

  • Ensign Harper

    Ensign Harper serves aboard the Enterprise in Engineering. He was killed by M5. ("The Ultimate Computer")

  • Hendorff

    Hendorff was a security guard and was killed in the line of duty by a plant on Gamma Trianguli VI ("The Apple")

  • Lieutenant Kaplan

    Lieutenant Kaplan was a security guard and was killed in the line of duty on Gamma Trianguli VI by an artificial bolt of lightening. Kirk new his family. ("The Apple")

  • Lieutenant Lee Kelso

    Lee Kelso is navigator aboard the Enterprise and is killed by Gary Mitchell. ("Where No Man Has Gone Before")

  • Lieutenant Kyle

    Lieutenant Kyle is transporter chief. At the same time he is Sulu's replacement at the helm of the Enterprise. ("The Apple"). In addition, sometimes he took over the science station on the bridge. ("Who Mourns for Adonais?"). He has an British accent. In "The Enemy Within" he works as navigator on the bridge.

  • Karl Jaeger

    geologist and meterologist ("The Squire of Gothos")

  • James

    Officer (probably male), working on the bridge. ("The Enemy Within") [James was adressed but never shown.]

  • Lieutenant Josephs

    security (male) ("The Journey to Babel")

  • Martha Landon

    Martha Landon is yeoman. She is, at least temporarily, the girlfriend of Pavel Chekov. ("The Apple")

  • Tina Lawton

    Tina Lawton is a third class yeoman and about 17 years old. ("Charlie X")

  • Leslie

    Mr. Leslie took part in 55 episodes, believe it or not. It is funny that every time his uniform has a random color (marking his department) and every time he has a different rang whereby all that is almost not palpable. As an (unofficial) explanation the possibility of twins was discussed since his presence could not be explained otherwise. The name "Leslie" has its origin in Shatner's daughter Leslie.
    I intend to list here all episodes with "Mr. Leslie" (what will take some time though):
  • Lieutenant Mallory

    Lieutenant Mallory was a security officer who died in the line of duty on Gamma Trianguli VI. He stepped on a "land mind". Mallory's father had helped Kirk to get onto the Starfleet Academy. ("The Apple")

  • Lieutenant Marple

    Lieutenant Marple is a security guard. On a mission Gamma Trianguli VI he was injured. It is unknown whether he survived or not. ("The Apple")

  • Angela Martine

    Angela Martine works in the phaser control room and was engaged with her superior officer Robert Tomlinson. During their wedding, the Enterprise was attacked, the ceremony was cancelled. Tomlinson was the only one to die during the following events so that finally a wedding did not take place. ("Balance of Terror")

  • Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell

    Gary Mitchell was the helmsman of the Enterprise until his high ESP rate, showing his high sensitivity for extra sensual perceptions, dooms him. He developed godlike abilities and terrorizes the crew until his best friend Kirk is forced to kill Gary. The log stated that he was killed in the line of duty. ("Where No Man Has Gone Before")

  • Montgomery

    Security (redshirt) ("The Doomsday Machine")

  • Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas

    A&A-Officer (archaeology and anthropology officer) of the Enterprise, member of the science department. Lt. Palamas fell in love with the god-like being Apoll but she took up an adverse stance over him to protect the Enterprise crew. In addition, Scotty has a fancy for her. ("Who Mourns for Adonais?")

  • Lieutenant Palmer

    Communications - replaces Uhura on the bridge if necessary ("The Doomsday Machine")

  • Phillips

    experienced astrobiologist ("The Ultimate Computer")

  • Dr. Mark Piper

    In the pilot episode, Dr. Piper serves as CMO aboard the Enterprise. ("Where No Man Has Gone Before")
    Although it is not explicitly mentioned, the official history/canon states that Piper retired after the events shown in "Where No Man Has Gone Before". Afterwards, he was replaced as CMO by Dr. Leonard McCoy.

  • Rand, Janice

    At the beginning of the first five-year-mission, Janice Rand is Kirk's yeoman with access to his quarters. She is attracted to Kirk but fights him as he, devided into a good and an evil part, tries to rape her. ("The Enemy Within"). She receives help by geological technician Fisher. That time she lives in the quarters 3C 46.

  • Lieutenant Kevin Riley

  • Rawlins

    Rawlings ist the chief geologist of the Enterprise ("The Ultimate Computer")

  • Teresa Ross

    Yeoman ("The Squire of Gothos")

  • Lieutenant Singh

    works in auxiliary control room ("The Changeling")

  • Yeomann Smith

    Yeomann (female) ("Where No Man Has Gone Before")

  • Lieutenant Andrew Stiles

    Stiles serves temporarily as navigator aboard the Enterprise. Additionally, he has a qualification as phaser control officer. His father was a Starfleet officer, too, und was in the rank of captain. Many of his ancestors, including his father, died in the war against the Romulans which is the reason that Stiles develops prejudices against Spock when it turns out that Romulans and Vulcans are related peoples. He changes his opinion when Spock saves his life. ("Balance of Terror")

  • Robert Tomlinson

    Robert Tomlinson worked in the phaser control room. He was engaged with his subordinate Angela Martin but was the only crew member to dies during the mission that cancelled his wedding ceremony. ("Balance of Terror")

  • Washburn

    Most likely Lieutenant, blue uniform - Washburn is part of the damage control team beaming aboard the USS Constellation ("The Doomsday Machine")
  • Wilson

    Transporter technician (male) ("The Enemy Within")

[to be coninued]