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Here my favorite links, sorted by subjects with description. At first, I like to point out that I am grateful for everyone linking to my homepage. You can use my banner for that purpose:


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Star Trek General

"Memory Alpha is a collaborative project to create the most definitive, accurate, and accessible encyclopedia and reference for everything related to Star Trek."

http://startrek.tv-series.com/ in engl.
Homepage dedicated to Star Trek - The Original Series with a public and an inernal area; the public area contains among others information regarding the episodes and news, e.g. concerning the next Star Trek movie.

http://www.starbase118.net/ in engl.
UFOP: StarBase 118, a Star Trek Play-by-Email Role Playing Community.

Rules to play 3D chess

3D chess as a computer programm

Fan Fiction

mywebpages.comcast.net/nesabj in engl.
My favourite and in my opinion one of the best Fan Fiction sites. It contains stories by "Nesabj", I also translated some into German which can be found on the German version of my page. Of course the original versions can be found on Nesabj's own site and I really can recommend nearly all of them. No slash, instead stories about friendship and therefore all what Star Trek stands for!

www.scotpress.co.uk in engl.
The Scotpress is a British site with a lot of stories that had been published for decades in fanzines, mainly written by two authors. There are some I like (and a lot I don't) but the choice is very large. No slash.

www.fanfiction.net in engl. in dt.
Fanfiction.net contains fan fiction to nearly everything in various languages. However the focus is on the English section since the navigation uses English language only. The quality of the stories is very different, from parodies to slash everything can be found - most are short stories and I have to admit that I like only very few of them.

www.trekiverse.org in engl.
Trekiverse Archive - Pretty large story archive, the quality is in general better than at FanFiction.net. Every genre is represented.

members.tripod.com/~Istannor/ resp.
members.tripod.com/~Istannor/Stardust.html in engl.
Istannors (aka Sydvicks) FanFiction. Very good style, but much slash contained. Site is no longer updated, many broken links.

Tantalus Revisited in engl.
A retrospective of Classic Star Trek stories originally published in the Orion Press fanzine Tantalus. A small archive but with some pretty good stories.

The Kirk/Spock Fanfiction Archive in engl.
Archive with poetry and essays about Kirk and Spock. All works in the automated archive feature the Kirk and Spock relationship as a key element, most is slash however. Restricted recommendation.

ORION PRESS in engl.
Orion Press has served fandom since 1979, and now hosts one of the largest collections of Classic Star Trek fan fiction on the Internet. Contains a variety of material designed for the discriminating Star Trek fan; quality varies, but some are pretty good and a very large number of stories is available sorted chronologically. You can also buy zines.

Homepage of Gamin Davis including Star Trek TOS fanfiction.

1001 Trek Tales
Collection of FanFiction (exclusively) to Star Trek TOS from different authors with the goal to preserve stories that were published in various fanzines during the past decades. The site is updated on a regular basis, comparatively large and has a pretty high quality standard.

Karen Halliday's Star Trek The Original Series (TOS) Annotated Fanzine Index
This is not a fanfiction site in the usual sense but you can find lots of information there concerning fanzines based on the characters and/or universe of the original Star Trek series.

http://sites.google.com/site/jessinengland/ NEW!
Website of UKJess with brilliantly written STAR TREK fanfiction (please beware: general AND slash stories alike)


Buying/Selling General

www.amazon.com in engl.
The paradise for book and DVD lovers, the "big brother" of Germanys "amazon.de".

Buying and selling - with a little bit of patience you can get everything, especially concerning stuff not available at amazon.

Buying/Selling Star Trek Zines

http://www.fantasiatoys.net in engl.
Used (US) fanzines, mostly Star Trek, for sale. I already bought some several times now, shipping (to Germany) and payment (Paypal) was no problem.

http://www.crossovers.net/makeitgoaway/fanzinehome.htm in engl.
Used and new fanzines of several fandoms including Star Trek, for sale. The zine content is not listed so you better know what you want. Payment with Paypal, too, nice contact, shipping to Germany was no problem (tested by me :-)).

http://www.agentwithstyle.com/ in engl.
Shop for fanzines (MANY different fandoms including Star Trek). After filling out the order form you didn't get any response or confirmation but so far everything worked out very fine for me (you just have to be patient and wait several weeks :-)). Shipping to Germany has been no problem so far. I used Paypal to pay.

Same link as above but you have also the possibility to purchase zines. How to obtain a zine is explained in "Published Zines Listing". I bought a long wanted zine as PDF file (payment with PayPal) but getting a printed edition would have been possible as well. I appreciated the PDF option very much though since it saves shipping (oversees). Contact was very kind and the price was more than fair. Highly recommended!

OK, with this link I have a conflict with my own rules (1. recommend only sites where zines are sold where I have purchased something myself and 2. don't include any Slash sites). I make an exception here since behind "Alexis Fegan Black" a real big name is hidden (she wrote one of the best Star Trek books published by Pocket Books). I can't say anything more about the site (yet). Just be aware that most zines sold there include a male/male relationship (Kirk/Spock).

Miscellaneous Links

dict.leo.org in engl. in dt. in franz.
The best dictionary in the internet I know of, including terms of various areas (e.g. technology or economy). Translations are possible between: English/German, German/English resp. French/German, German/French and nowadays some more combinations.