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How often did Bones say something like "I am a doctor, not a xx", how many "redshirts" had to die and which episodes were featuring the multitalent Mr. Leslie? This and further questions, e.g. which other TV shows quoted Star Trek, should be answered here.

Since I am about to build this area up, the entries will be pretty incomplete at the beginning. That's why everything that is not marked explicitly as complete is incomplete!

The sources resp. the episode(s) are placed after each entry.


Love Interests (currently listed: 9)

Kirk has the reputation of being a galactic womanizer. Here the facts:

Old loves to reappear (currently listed: 3)

Old Loves mentioned only (currently listed: 1)

New Loves, the serious ones (currently listed: 3)

New Love Affairs - used as a tool to fulfil a certain purpose (currently listed: 2)

Kirk's Doppelganger (currently listed: 4)

The doppelganger theme was one of Star Trek's favourites - and most times Kirk was the victim:

Kirk and his shirts

Episodes in which Kirk's shirt is torn (currently listed: 1)

Epsiodes featuring the green command shirt (currently listed: 5)

To make it easier to distinguish between the "good" and the "bad" Kirk in the episode "The Enemy Within" a second command shirt was created. Afterwards, the green tunic was used frequently because it looks too well to be wasted on one episode only.

Episodes in which Kirk is declared dead (currently listed: 4)

Episodes in which Kirk has an argument with a computer (currently listed: 1)

Episodes in which Kirk's preference for literature especially Shakespear and poems becomes visible (currently visible: 1)


Mind Melds (currently listed: 4)

Nerve Pinches (currently listed: 8)

Superior Physiology (currently listed: 2)

  • Henoch is able to survive in Spock's body without problems due to Vulcan physiology ("Return to Tomorrow")
  • Spock survives poison darts that killed a redshirt before ("The Apple")

Love Interests (currently listed: 1)


McCoy was the one with a rough outside but a warm heart inside. His verbal attacks are legend and often he used an expression like "I am a doctor, not a…". Even the later Series honoured him by using that quote. Furthermore, McCoy was often forced to diagnose: "He is dead, Jim", when a redshirt passed away.

McCoy is a doctor and not a ... (currently listed: 3)

He is dead, Jim! (currently listed: 6)



There are 12 Constitution Class Starships: (currently listed: 7)

Every Constitution Class Starship is manned by a crew of about 430. In "Charlie X" a number of 428 is named, in "The Ultimate Computer" 430. In "Who Mourns for Adonais?", Kirk mentioned that he has 430 people "up there" while he was on Pollux IV accompanied by a landing party. Under Captain Pike the Enterprise was manned by 203 persons. ("The Menagerie - Part I/Part II")

  • Enterprise NCC 1701, Captain Kirk (all episodes), previously commanded by Captain Christopher Pike ("The Menagerie" Part I and II resp. "The Cage") and by Captain Robert April (Star Trek - The Animated Series)
  • Intrepid (Remastered Version: NCC 1631) - crew exclusively Vulcan, ship was destroyed ("The Immunity Syndrome")
  • Exeter, originally under the command of Captain Ronald Tracy ("The Omega Glory")
  • Excalibur (Remastered Version: NCC 1664; manual: NCC 1705) unter the command of Captain Harris - ship including it's crew was completely destroyed by M5 after the first computer attack claimed 12 victims. ("The Ultimate Computer")
  • Hood, NCC 1703, ("The Ultimate Computer")
  • Potemkin, NCC 1657, ("The Ultimate Computer")
  • Lexington, NCC 1709, at least temporarily under the command of Commodore Robert "Bob" Wesley ("The Ultimate Computer")
  • Constellation, NCC 1017 under the command of Commodore Matt Decker - the ship was completely destroyed ("The Doomsday Machine")
  • Defiant, NCC 1764 - the crew was killed, the ship thrown into another dimension ("The Tholian Web")

Other Starfleet Ships:

  • Antares
    Starfleet ship destroyed by Charlie Evans. The Antares was under the command of Captain Ramert, First Officer was Tom Nellis overall the Antares had a crew of 20. She was described as a "Cargo vessel" as well as a "science probe vessel". ("Charlie X")

Mutinies (currently listed: 3)

Officially, there are no mutinies on Starfleet ships. It is possible, however, to count the following incidents as mutiny:


Killed Starfleed Personnell (non Enterprise)

  • Because of the M5 incident 12 persons on the Excalibur and 53 on the Lexinton are killed at first. Later, there are much more victims - the Excalibur was completely destroyed and therefore all 430 crewmen killed. ("The Ultimate Computer")
  • Charlie destroys the Antares and killes the crew of 20 ("Charlie X")

Killed Enterprise Crew (currently listed: 12 + 10 redshirts = 22

  • When the Enterprise leaves the galaxy crossing the barrier claims nine victims. Additionally killed: Dr. Elisabeth Dehner, Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell and Lieutenant Lee Kelso. ("Where No Man Has Gone Before")

thereof Redshirts (currently listed: 10)

Killed Civilians (currently listed: 7)

Planets (currently listed: 7 + 3 = 10)

Planets visited by the Enterprise (currently listed: 5)

Planeten mentioned only (currently listed: 3)


Androids can be seen in several episodes such as (currently listed: 1)

  • "Return to Tomorrow" - Android bodies are supposed to house Henoch, Sargon and Thalassa but were never used

Super Beings

During her mission the Enterprise discovers several beings with superhuman capabilites (currently listed encounters: 6)

Star Trek mentioned in other TV or movie productions

Star Trek is a phenomenon that one can not avoid even if tried. :-): During the past decades Star Trek was quoted in various other movie and tv productions whereby most hints are directed at the original Series. That is reason enough to put a list here sorted by years (that will be extended as time goes by):


  • Back to the Future
    USA, Director: Robert Zemeckis
    Marty McFly wants to persuade his SF novel writing father and therefore pretends to be an alien. To do so, he puts his protective suit on, gave his father his first encounter with a walk man and finally he claims to come from a planet called Vulcan. In addition, he shows the Vulcan salute \\//


  • Crimson Tide
    USA, Director: Tony Scott
    The movie takes in place in a submarine. In a dangerous situation, a bridge officer quotes a Star Trek scene between Captain Kirk and Scotty in which Kirk demands full warp drive.


  • Stargate SG1, Series USA, VI. Season, Episode "Unnatural Selection"
    The space ship X-303, the later "Prometheus", hasn't be named yet. O'Neill and Carter are talking about it whereas O'Neill wants to name the ship "Enterprise".


  • Kill Bill Vol. 1
    USA, Director and Script: Quentin Tarantino
    At the beginning, Star Trek is quoted with "revenge is a dish best served cold" - old Klingon saying. During the movie itself, a woman's look is compared to the one of a bad guy in Star Trek (although there is no optical basis for that).
    Remark: In reality, the saying has it's origins in Italy but here, Star Trek is named as the source explicitly.


  • The Terminal
    USA, Director: Steven Spielberg
    Airport employee Officer Torris is a Star Trek fan and visits conventions dressed as Yeoman Rand (!). Later, she accepts a marriage proposal by showing the Vulcan salute first, then turning her hand to show the ring of engagement/marriage. - Funny detail: Zoë Saldaña, playing Officer Torres, will be Uhura in Star Trek XI to be expected in 2008/2008!


  • Dr. Who, Series GB, IX. Season with Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Episode "Aliens of London (Part 1)"
    Rose answers the question who is an alien specialist with "Mr. Spock".


  • Stargate SG1, Series USA, X. Season, 2006, Episode "200"
    A TOS bridge scene with a short switch to the engineering section was reproduced, "Star li>
  • Stargate SG1, Serie USA, X. Season, 2006, Episode "Counterstrike"
    Captain Kirk is quoted twice.
  • Emergency Room, Serie USA, X. Season, Episode "Lights Out"
    A Star Trek convention visitor, masked as a (TNG) Klingon, is brought into the emergency room.


  • Heroes, Serie USA, I. Season, Episode "Genesis"
    Hiro is protrayed as a Star Trek fan and claims to be able to bend time and space. His friend Ando makes fun of him and his Star Trek mania.
  • Heroes, Serie USA, I. Season, Episode "Unexpected"
    Hiro uses the Vulcan Salute and says "I come in peace".
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